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21 Days

August 31, 2009

Three weeks ago, I challenged myself to take pictures (and blog) the food I ate for one week. I enjoyed that week, so I extended my little challenge for three weeks – the amount of time it takes to form a new habit.

The results? I loved it!

  • I don’t want to blog the same thing over and over, so I’ve found myself eating a wider variety of foods
  • Blogging food pictures is so far a great way to keep myself accountable and motivated
  • I love having a space to share my views on health
  • I lost two pounds 🙂

I will definitely be continuing daily food blogging (I was always going to continue healthy living blogging – it was the daily eats that was questionable!)


Breakfast this morning was exploding blueberry banana oatmeal (cooked with some milk – it makes such a difference!)


topped with sliced almonds.

Mid-morning, I had the other half of my banana, with some Dark Chocolate Dreams.


Lunch was a gigantic salad, with spinach + romaine + onion + blueberries + goat cheese. Topped with about 1 tbsp of a pesto parmesan dressing. I also threw in some of the other nights free-range Jerk pork. The salad was a perfect balance to the hotness!


I went for a run this afternoon – and man it was hot.  I wasn’t quite hungry before I left, but thought I should eat something, since it had been a few hours since my salad. I settled on a teaspoon of honey. All sugar should be consumed on spoons! 😉



I didn’t mean for this picture to be so dark, but I love  the way it turned out! 😀




A green smoothie post run. Actually, post crashing on the floor post run. 😉



2 C spinach + 1 C milk + 1 frozen banana + 1 T pb. Delish!



If you’re a food/healthy living blogger, what benefits do you think you’ve gained from blogging?

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  1. August 31, 2009 6:51 pm

    I love food blogging! It has definitely kept me motivated and helped me lose A LOT of weight. I don’t think I’d be at my happy weight if it weren’t for blogging.

    Your blueberry banana oatmeal looks awesome! I always cook my oats with a banana and add the blueberries at the end but I’ll have to try throwing the blueberries into the cooking process! 🙂

  2. August 31, 2009 9:56 pm

    I’m so glad you’re going to continue to blog because I’ve really enjoyed reading what you write thus far! Food blogging has brought me so much…it holds me accountable, makes me think hard about my choices, encourages me to eat more variety…but my favorite benefit? It lets me have a creative outlet to talk about food (I’m obsessed)…my friends and family finally get a rest 🙂

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