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Emotional Eating

August 26, 2009


It’s not a good feeling to be standing in the kitchen, eating not because you are hungry, but because you are sad/mad/stressed and for just one second that soft rush of baked goods, or salty chip or sweet chocolate makes things better.

And then that second is over. And you no longer feel better, but guilty.

I shouldn’t have eaten that. That was way too many calories/fat. I didn’t plan for that. My healthy day is out the window now.

And you know what makes the guilt go away? For one more second?

Another bite.

More guilt.

It’s a vicious cycle.


Today was not an emotional eating win for me. I’m embarrassed to write about it, but we all deal with it. Some maybe more than others.


This blog is not a success story. It’s a story of a healthy eater – in progress.


Do you want to know what made me snap today? It’s so silly. I was getting ready to go to the grocery store, and I was stressing out that I was hungry. We’ve all heard the advice – don’t grocery shop hungry. I was so worried I’d arrive at the grocery store starving (in retrospect, this would not have been so bad. I could have bought a banana. It would have cost me $0.50).


So anyways, I found myself in the kitchen before leaving for the grocery store. And the muffins I made last night were smiling sweetly up at me. So I had one. With butter.


And then the guilt. I’d already had pizza and crackers and a smoothie today! Now a muffin, too? Nevermind the fact that the pizza was thin crust and whole wheat, with loads of fresh tomatoes. The crackers were whole grain, and a small portion, and dipped in a low fat bean dip. The smoothie was mostly spinach!


But I felt guilty. So guilty that I had another. And one more.


I didn’t enjoy a single one.


I should have just gone to the grocery store hungry.


Today’s eats:


The aforementioned muffin. This was two, with about 1 t of butter spread between the four halves.


Vanilla yogurt with blueberries and 1T homemade granola.



Green smoothie. With peaches.


Crackers + dip.



Dinner was wonderful. I based it on this recipe, but left out the butter and cheese.


My aunt brought me this pasta from Italy. It was so fun.


I love how simple the ingredient list is. I don’t know what curcuma is, but I do know what tomato is.


          And the reason for the trip to the grocery store. The garlic bread.



For some positive news – I had a great run today (it was pre the muffin attack). I saw some new parts of campus, and found some great pathways. 🙂



Are you an emotional eater? Do you have any tips for avoiding it?

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  1. August 26, 2009 11:15 pm

    I understand the horrible tortures of emotional eating all too well. It’s SUCH a hard cycle to break. I think it’s awesome that you not only recognize it, you write about it. I’d probably be cowardly and pretend it didn’t happen. I admire that in you!

  2. Brandi permalink
    August 27, 2009 9:11 am

    i’ve been there…it starts with one thing and then the bag of whatever it is is gone. it is a vicious cycle and it’s SO much easier to just NOT start at all if that’s the mindset I’m in, but that is hard to do.

    1. stop feeling guilty 🙂 you had a good run, ate balanced meals and had a few muffins. really a big deal in the scheme of things? probably not.

    2. I’ve used this before and it sometimes works. Say OUT LOUD to yourself “I’m not hungry but I’m going to eat this anyways”. Sounds ridiculous, even more so when you say it out loud to yourself, but it’s kept me away from a few things.

    hang in there 🙂

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