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August 19, 2009


Today hasn’t gone so well. Nothing’s gone horribly wrong, but everything has felt a little off, and I feel so frazzled!

Maybe it’s because I didn’t start the day off with oatmeal 😉


Instead, I started out with some leftover breakfast burrito filling, topped with some cheddar. Toast on the side, of course! Homemade bread + homemade blueberry jam = love. Well, some form of love anyways.


Mid-morning, I gulped down a small granola bar. I don’t know what I was so busy doing this morning, but I barely stopped until lunch!



I’d planned to run earlier, but didn’t have time – so before my run I grabbed a Clif bar.


And after my run, around 1:30 I made a bean burger with black beans. Served on a tomato tortilla with cheddar.



I was still feeling rushed, so I tried to relax with a smoothie: blueberries + banana + peach + vanilla protein powder + milk



It only kind of worked. I don’t know what’s up today!


I think for the rest of the afternoon, I’m going to  make some French Press coffee, and work on my wedding album 🙂

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