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Fighting off the Crazies

August 19, 2009


I think Maple and I both have the crazies tonight – she’s barking at everything and I (was) a little cranky.


Dinner was excellent. A salad of butter lettuce + apple + orange pepper + black beans + sunflower seeds. With a dressing of olive oil + balsamic vinegar, with a pinch of brown sugar, to take the edge off 😉 I always think the more stuff you put in a salad, the better it is. No lettuce + fat free dressing for this girl!



I also had 1/2 a free-range chicken sausage (from Missing Link at the Calgary Farmer’s Market).  We got 3-peppercorn flavored this week – I really liked it! And I promise there wasn’t really such a big glob of mustard. It just looks like it 😉


After dinner, in an attempt to get me out of the Crazies, theHusband took me out for ice cream. I think it worked! I had a small hot fudge sundae.


And I think a glass of wine…

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