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It Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

August 17, 2009

Remember this afternoon? When I noticed I hadn’t had many F+V? And thought I probably should change that?


It didn’t happen. I let some emotions get to me, and I ended up eating too much of this fudge-dessert thing I made for theHusband this weekend. But now I’ve owned up to it, and am moving on.


Dinner was a TWIST classic: Spaghetti!


Grass-fed extra lean ground beef + homemade tomato sauce (that I canned to eat all winter!) + whole wheat spaghetti


And tonight I decided to try making banana soft serve. Frozen banana + food processor = easy and tasty. It definitely had the consistency of ice cream, and the taste was well, a frozen banana. Which I like, but I definitely wasn’t tricking myself – this was not ice cream. But definitely a tasty treat!


I topped my banana soft serve with about 1/2 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. Looking back, maybe I should have added that to the food processor too! 

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