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TWIST on Ethical Eating

August 16, 2009



You might have noticed I’ve been shopping at a lot of Farmer’s Markets lately. Or eating vegetarian lunches. Or buying antibiotic-free meat at the grocery store. Or reading In Defense of Food. Or watching Food Inc. Or reading Fast Food Nation. Or talking about Ethical Eating lately.


What is Ethical Eating? Erin at I Walk In This World defines Ethical Eating as:


That a person be informed about the food they eat and make a conscious decision to purchase, eat, and support the source from which that food comes.

Another definition of Ethical Eating:


Ethical Eating explores the ethical and environmental implications of the food choices we make.

Ethical Eating might encompass any or multiples of:

  • Organic Food
  • Local Food
  • Non-processed Food
  • Free-range meats
  • Hormone + Antibiotic Free Meats
  • Vegetarianism
  • Veganism
  • Eating less meat
  • Home Produced (baking, canning, cooking…)

As you can see, Ethical Eating is not restrictive – you can be a vegan or a vegetarian or a meat-eater and still be an Ethical Eater.

How does that work? Because Ethical Eating  is a positive movement. Ethical Eating follows an anything-is-better-than-nothingism and the-more-the-betterism approach to food.


Why is this important? There are many reasons, encompassing your health, animal and worker welfare, and supporting your local economy. You can make a difference with every choice you make!


What is TWIST (The Way I See Today) doing in terms of Ethical Eating? theHusband and I made these changes after seeing Food Inc. Many of these changes are recent, and there will likely be more to come. We:

  • Shop at our local Farmer’s Market for local
    • pesticide free or organic produce
    • free-range, antibiotic and hormone free or organic meat
    • free-range eggs
  • Limit our processed foods
  • Eat meat-free 1+ dinners per week
  • Eat multiple breakfasts and lunches meat free

I really want to stress that Ethical Eating is a positive movement. It is not easy to do, and in no way would I judge someone for eating non-organics. But I will cheer you on when/if you consider Ethical Eating!

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be sharing my tips and struggles with Ethical Eating, why it’s so important, and the research I’ve done on chicken, beef and dairy regulations within Canada (turns out, there are some differences from the US!)


Do you consider yourself an Ethical Eater? What tips or suggestions do you have for Ethical Eating?

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  1. August 16, 2009 7:53 pm

    Thanks for the info! It sure makes a difference if more ppl starts to do ethical eating. Think of how the markets will change!
    I do ethical eating by eating mostly whole, unprocessed food, and eating local and organic produce if possible.


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