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A new find

August 14, 2009

Where did I leave off yesterday? Just after breakfast I think…


There was some oatmeal with granola…




And a new delicious find for lunch – falafel!





Accompanied by some tasty baklava. (Honey + Cashew…. yum!)


Followed by some applesauce. Is there any way applesauce can look pretty? The taste makes up for the appearance though!





We wanted a meatless dinner, after the wonderful Brazilian BBQ meal last night. Waffles it is! I tried a new add-in to the waffle batter: bananas! I replaced half the oil with mashed bananas, and it worked perfectly, without an overly banana-y taste (not that that would be bad… just not what I was going for)





Half topped with a strawberry.rhubarb concoction, and the other with mashed banana and maply syrup. I liked the strawberry-rhubarb better.


I was snack-y last night, so I had some of the crackers I picked up the US – Cheese Kashi crackers! Tas-tay. I’ll keep my eye out for these up here 🙂




Today turned out to be cold and rainy, so it seemed like an excellent day for a bowl of oatmeal. I used LOTS of water (after reading Janetha’s suggestion!) Two cups of water to 1/3 C of oats. I let it cook for a while though, and I think most of the water boiled off, since my oats ended up similar to my usual 1 C water + 1/3 C oats. oh well! it was still tasty 🙂


oats + flax + banana + almonds + dark chocolate PB + milk = tastyness that sticks with you 🙂




I went to the gym this morning, for the first time in I don’t even know how long. It felt AWESOME. I sweated like crazy on the stairmaster 🙂


I enjoyed the falafel so much yesterday, I wanted one again today (no baklava today though!)

So good! I think it had

  • falafel (obv!)
  • hot peppers
  • pickles
  • tomato
  • lettuce
  • radish (?)
  • tahini




I think I’m just going to chill today – the rain makes me so lazy! Maybe watch a movie…




Giveaway alert!


Heather at Health Happiness and Hope is having a back to reality giveaway! Go enter! 🙂

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