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Sometimes… You Just Need to Celebrate

August 13, 2009


After all that breakfasting on Monday, I was a little breakfasted out for actual breakfast on Tuesday! Luckily, I had an old standby in the cupboard: shredded wheat. I love cereal! Mixed with a little brown sugar, this was an excellent and filling start to the day.




Lunch was a yummy grilled cheese




And two timbits with a coffee in the afternoon.




I was hungry in the afternoon, and realized I was low on veggie, so I stocked up with a green smoothie!

  • spinach
  • frozen peaches
  • frozen banana
  • almond milk


Delicious! And it held me over until the fabulous dinner we had last night at Gaucho Brazilian BBQ.Have you ever been to a brazilian barbeque? It’s so fun (and delicious)! It’s an all you can eat kind of thing, where there are delicious sides on the table (including an excellent mixed greens salad that I kept asking for refills on!). And the polenta with parmesan! so good! The chefs bring around all this delicious barbequed meat on skewers which they cut for you at the table. Did I mention it was delicious? We had such a great time!


Unfortunately… I forgot my camera. And my phone was dead. But it might not have done much good if I hait anyways, since it was a one piece of meat at a time sort of thing, and not a full plate to start with. So if I had had my camera, you would have had approximately eleventy billion pictures to look at.


theHusband and I split an excellent dessert – barbequed banana with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Kinda fun to share dessert 😉


I was still full this morning! But I figured I should have something to eat… so I had one piece of toast with a little white chocolate peanut butter and honey.




I’m thinking today will be low on meat and high on vegetables to balance out yesterday!

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  1. August 13, 2009 10:26 am

    I love Brazillian Barbeque! All of the different types of meat are so much fun to try!

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