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No Mojo Food Day

July 27, 2009

bleh. Everything I ate today had the potential to be delicious. Everything I ate today also appeared to be missing some mojo. As a result, nothing I ate today was delicious.


Breakfast: egg fried in a little bit of butter. on toast. Sounds tasty right? It wasn’t.



Followed by a mid-morning snack of Stonyfield yogurt, raspberries, coconut flakes and granola. Excellent combination. Except for the fact there was TOO MUCH granola. (yeah, I didn’t know that was possible either)





Lunch was really a downfall. Mostly because I’ve had it eleventy billion times. In the last year. Apparently, when you do grad studies at the same place you did undergrad, the food gets boring. Really boring. Enter, Vietnamese food. Rice noodles + carrots + bean sprouts + cucumber + lettuce + chicken + peanuts+  hoisin sauce.




And Harry Potter 6. It kinda made up for the boring lunch. Except then I remembered how badly the movie did not live up to the book. 😦


In a moment of panic at school, thinking I’d really messed some stuff up, and that I’d be there hours upon hours tonight, I had a peach. It was not ripe. I mostly had the peach because I was starving (see, boring and unsatisfying lunch) and poor. Apparently, being poor means don’t go buy food you can’t afford, calorie-wise or money-wise. Interesting. Anyways, I didn’t really mess stuff up. It only set me back a half hour.


Dinner was a bison steak and curly fries. And a salty salad. I’m not sure why it was salty, but it was and it threw off the whole meal. So I had mucho curly fries.


P1020724 P1020725


Last, and possibly least, was this lousy smoothie I made. Banana + Peach + Raspberry + too much almond milk 😦




Here’s hoping tomorrow’s food is less boring, more tasty and less mojo-less! 😉

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