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so much to talk about…

July 18, 2009

but so little time! so today:

  • Twitter freaks me out
  • Harry Potter, how I loved and hated the Half Blood Prince (movie)

and then soon:

and at some point

  • I read Intuitive Eating. A few weeks ago. So I may have to reread it to tell you what I thought of it.

So twitter. twittering. tweeting. @username. #stuff. RT something someone said. The idea intrigued me. And some of my favurite bloggers and people twitter and I love to read them. So i signed up and started tweeting away myself. But first! twitter hijacked my gmail to see if any of my contacts also had twitter (ok, I’m fairly sure I gave twitter permission). Without thinking all of a sudden I was following friends, work colleagues and people I haven’t talked to in a verrry long time. That was a hassle to fix. oops! Anyways, I was happily tweeting along, and all of a sudden I’m being ‘followed’ by people trying to sell me sketchy stuff. and then twitter started to freak me out. I’m not sure why – I share lots of info with friends on facebook, and I obviously share details with who-knows via my blog… but twitter freaked me out. So I have cancelled my account. Maybe oneday I will return. Possibly when more people I know IRL tweet. Maybe not.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. A wonderful book. A not so wonderful, yet great, movie. (spoilers for the movie and book ahead. so if you haven’t seen the movie yet… read the rest of this post later! if you haven’t read the book yet – go do that now.)


The movie was funny. I loved seeing the characters start to grow older, and start dating. Loved Hermione and Harry’s best-friendship bond over their love interests un-interest. Ron on love-potion was very funny, as was Harry on Felix (liquid luck!). I enjoyed all of the movie, and felt like I was loving it right up until the end. It ended very quickly, with no closure. As far as movie-Harry knows, he doesn’t have to look for the horcruxes (although he will) and he doesn’t know they should be a secret. He also has no clue what they are! These are very important to book 7, so I’m sure they will have to be included at some point, but it bothered me they were taken out of this movie. Also, the fact that Ron’s romance was focused on so much so, and Harry’s almost ignored seemed an odd move to me. But not so crucial to the storyline as the Horcruxes! atleast they still established Harry likes Ginny 🙂 So I loved HP6 – the movie – but I also really didn’t.


One thing I’m glad I didn’t do though – I did not read the book ahead (recently) of time. Now that the movie made me excited about the Wizarding World all over again, (although I never really wasn’t. lol) I think I’ll read the book, and soak in all the details.

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