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Awesome Weekend

July 12, 2009

What a great weekend! We started out by going to the Stampede on Friday. The Stampede is Calgary’s claim to fame – “the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”! It’s a rodeo/fair/carnival complete with tons of fried food and places to spend money. It was super busy on Friday (it was gorgeous out!)  

We split a bag of my absolute favorite Stampede food: mini-donuts!

I have no idea what this was, and didn’t want to find out! ick. haha.

we saw some livestock:


(I don’t know why there was a Cocker Spaniel hanging out with the bison!)

 A miniature horse!


A horse with a blue eye – cool!


the Husband made new friends


and won me a stuffed elephant (by outwitting the ‘guess my weight’ lady! haha)


We rounded off the night at Kenny Cheseney’s concert – it was awesome! Love his songs, so happy and summer-y 🙂


The next morning…. there was a deer in our backyard!

Apparently our backyard is a pretty cool place to hang out 🙂


Once Maple noticed…. she chased the deer off with her ferociousness! (lol)

Rounding out the awesome weekend, the super cute necklace I won via KERF arrived!

I love it. Thanks again Kath! 😀


How was your weekend? What’s your city’s claim to fame?

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