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Aerobics Adventures

June 23, 2009

A friend of mine teaches an Aerobics class, and she’s been inviting me to come along for awhile now. I’ve unfortunately been running experiments or in meetings during her class, until now. I made it to a class and it was so fun! I haven’t done step/aerobics in a few years, but wow! what a workout. I was literally dripping in sweat. My hair was frizzing out and my face was redder than red. Excellent signs of a good workout. haha 😉 I’ll definitely be attending again!

But anyways – what I wanted to share was what a klutz I am. At one point we were doing ab work, with fitness balls.

We were lying down, lifting the balls overhead with our legs…. And I dropped mine. On my face. Ow! It then bounded off me towards my friend beside me – luckily it missed her face!

Hopefully we don’t do that move next time! haha

What embarrassing thing has happened to you while working out?  Try any new workouts lately?

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  1. Jenny permalink
    June 23, 2009 11:22 am

    Work out? Work out? What’s that? Yeah that’s because I haven’t done it in far too long. I’m ashamed of myself. I keep promising myself I’ll do it, but I don’t.

    Embarrassing story- last year when I moved to AZ, I took a step class. It was so hard, but it was TOM for me, and for most women working out makes cramps better…not for me: it does the exact opposite. I had to leave. I was mortified. Oh well. I felt like I looked like such a slacker, but I was pretty confident that if I kept going I was going to ask the instructor to perform a hysterectomy me pronto.

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