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Unintentional Organic Rhubarb-Sauce

June 15, 2009

I love rhubarb. Not just because it’s deliciously tangy, but because it is the world’s easiest plant to grow. Seriously, I am the worst gardener ever – and this baby in the back yard keeps on yielding deliciousness for me every year. And since I do nothing to it – it’s unintentionally organic!

Once I realized the patch-o-rhubarb was overflowing, I figured it was about time to make some rhubarb-sauce. theHusband likes rhubarb raw, with sugar – which I think is very very odd, but according to wikipedia, it’s super common in Norway. who knew?! I prefer my rhubarb stewed…


So easy. Chop up and cover with water. Simmah.


After an hour or so, I chopped up a few strawberries and tossed them in. I also added ~ 1/3 C brown rice syrup and a few cinnamon apple spice bags o’ tea. You could of course just add cinnamon, but this was easy, and gave the rhubarb a delish dark red colour! Continue to simmer.


Once you feel you’ve simmered enough (probably another 1/2 hour or so) you are done! Store in the fridge. Easy! Delish on it’s own… or as a waffle topping! yum!


Who needs tons o’ syrup and butter when you can have vegetables?! mwahahaha! 😀


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