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Blame the Teddy Grahams!

June 9, 2009

Today was not a good day (food wise). I was rushing this morning, and raced through a bowl of cereal. I followed this up with a day of running around and not stopping. ALL DAY. ugh. I was not well planned for a non-stop day. I hadn’t brought a lunch, and ended up dashing to get some fast food (Chinese. Not even tasty. So not worth it 😦 ). By the time I got home, I was STARVING. theHusband and I didn’t want to wait an hour+ for our planned healthy dinner, so we had breakfast for dinner. Not bad…. until the Teddy Grahams attacked! I don’t even WANT to know how many I ate.

Tomorrow will be better. Dinner is already prepped – all I need to do is turn on the crock pot tomorrow morning. Breakfast is going to be a Green Drink – and I am going to be bringing LOTS of snacks 😀

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