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Taking Time Off

June 1, 2009

What a weekend! It was an absolute whirlwind. Fun stuff, but SO busy! I got home last night, and it hit me like a wall of bricks that I hadn’t stopped all weekend. Or, any of the past three. And this girl loves and needs her downtime. So before things got out of control, I took this morning off. I worked out, I lazed around, I made a Green Drink and sauntered in to school at about 11:30 am. Awesome! Hopefully next weekend isn’t quite so busy! 😀


My workout this morning is a new favorite – Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It’s amazing. Hands down, best DVD workout I’ve ever done. Usually DVD workouts are blah, lame and not the least bit hard. This one is none of the above – it’s a quick workout (20 mins!) but you do not stop. Strength/Cardio/Abs – repeat! I’ve done Level 1 twice, and my arms already feel awesome! 


I’ve got big plans for a new/modified recipe tonight…. stay tuned!

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