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I Want To Quit the Gym!

May 26, 2009

I love Friends. And today, all I could think of while driving to the gym (to quit) was the above clip. Wait, wait, wait – I know you’re wondering – why quit the gym? That’s the opposite of smart. But, now that I am a poor grad student, funds are tight. I already pay for a gym membership *at* school, and I spend so much time at school anyways that 2 gym memberships isn’t necessary. So no worries, I am still a gym member 😀

Anyways, I lived a Friend’s episode this afternoon. I felt like screaming I WANT TO QUIT THE GYM! I arrived, waited ten minutes to meet with some guy, who then tried to tell me I could opt out of the school gym (pretty sure I can’t), or put my fees on hold  (to preserve my *great rate* ha!) during the school year (and then didn’t believe me that grad school was year round). I finally convinced him I was sure I WANTED TO QUIT THE GYM,  and found out you have to give 30 days notice to QUIT THE GYM. So I still have to pay next month! 😐  Then, since when we joined we had to pay some sort of a last-months-fees payment, there’s another 30 days tacked on. I QUIT THE GYM TODAY and am still a member until the middle of August. 😐

I’m sure there will be endless recruiting to NOT QUIT THE GYM over the summer. Lame!

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