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Happy Happy Day!

May 15, 2009

I have the world’s BEST news. Okay, maybe not, but I have GREAT news!! 


Are you ready?


Wait for it….


My car is fixed! Driveable! Afforably!


C’mon, do a victory dance with me. 😀


… The week before finals, I was driving home from school are my car started shaking. Not a little tremble, but literally, shaking. It was all fine, and then it wasn’t. I was happy just to make it home! Since theHusband and I have been super busy, we haven’t had a chance to get it in to get looked at, and theHusband has been driving me around. In a city with AWFUL public transit, you really grow to depend on a car. Oh how I missed my car! My independence!


Today we found out that 

a) the car was fixable

b) we could afford to fix it*


oh HAPPY day!


*I really, really, love budgeting. Budget post(s) coming soon!

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