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April 22, 2009

I love coffee. It’s kinda my best friend. But I am a REALLY bad coffee maker. Any coffee I make is at worst non-drinkable, at best meh. I’ve tried:

  • French Press
  • Mr. Cheapy Coffee Maker I got when I moved out
  • Fancy schmancy coffee maker we got as a wedding gift
  • Expensive coffee*
  • Ice Cold water *
Nothing works. I am doomed to pay $2 a morning for my coffee**. Except for today, since I’m home studying. I’ll suffer through the meh coffee today, but any suggestions for tomorrow?
* I have also, of course tried cheap coffee and warm water, but that doesn’t help either
** Another, highly unlikely option, is that the coffee I make at home is actually tasty, but I just like to buy stuff
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