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March 18, 2009

I’m torn.

Part of me wants to say these are really bad books, with no plot line besides, girl likes vampire.
But the other part of me, who’s read all four books in the saga, Twilight twice, in the last week, whispers that maybe there is something sweet about them. Something that pulls you in. Something that pulls you away from the real world, back to when you were 17 and falling in love, or 12 and wanting and waiting to fall in love. With a little bit of magic/myth built in. 
So I’ve changed my mind on these books. I do recommend them. And if you didn’t like them at first, a second read might be worth it.
And if that doesn’t help, this might. It’s Twilight, but told through Edward’s perspective. A draft released by Stephanie Meyer, it’s even better than the other four combined. Midnight Sun is what’s really got me hooked on the Twilight Saga. I hope Stephanie Meyer finishes it!
And yes. I am planning on watching this movie on Saturday, when it is released on video.  Updates to follow on how obsessive I have to be to find a copy…
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